Wednesday, 21 March 2012


So, what's happening?  Anything?  It hasn't seemed like much this week.

We've had a few emails from RS Components, confirming that our order is very important to them, requesting that we please keep waiting, and assuring us that we are number 204,843 in the queue.  I received my email last Friday (16th), asking me to log onto the site and confirm my details before Tuesday 20th (come and gone).  So no definitive progress, but there's contact at least.

Some people have even received an email Farnell confirming a slightly real delivery date - some stating mid-April, others end of May.  Not firm dates yet, but again it's progress.  I haven't received an email from them yet - I don't know if this means I'm still on the very early batch and don't need an update email, of I'm so far back in the list that I will be getting a June or July email one of these days.  Time will tell I suppose.

The Foundation has been pretty quiet over the last 2 weeks, with Liz and Eben taking a well-deserved break (although there's a rumour that Liz has hurt her knee!).  This has left everyone feeling a little lost at sea, not quite knowing when the shipments will be coming in, when they should start taking time off work, when they should warn their families of the impending antisocial behaviour and Pi-ness.

But, there's been good news - Liz checked in this evening!  After a week of snow, excruciating knee injuries, tequila (and bird watching??) she's managed to get internet access and has assured us that the world is not falling apart.  There are apparently RS and Farnell reps on site in China (or will be next week when Liz has a call with them). 

So on the whole, I think things are looking up.  The Foundation is back, RS & Farnell are communicating with us, there are people in China overseeing the ramping up of the productions.  The oven is on, the Pi is in - we're just waiting for that ping...

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