Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mid-week lull

So here it is - the middle of the week.  It's a waiting game now.  Quiet patience is giving way to anxious reading and re-reading of the forums, anything to keep my mind off my Pi, sitting in a warehouse, waiting to clear customs.

Thank god for distractions!  Along with the web site migration to the new servers (they're blisteringly fast without a database error in site), we also have a Fedora image.  It's somehow slipped onto the forums without a much notice, no announcement from the Foundation yet, but there's a lot of interest from those involved in the few threads that are aware of it:

Fedora have done a fantastic job of providing us with a simple fool-proof way of deploying this image.  They're provided an installer for both Windows and Linux:

Simply download the the 10MB installer, unzip it (NOTE: to a folder without a space in the path - c:\temp), fire it up, select the image you want to apply and the device you want to write it to and everything else is done for you - the installer will download the relevant installer and write it to the card.  Couldn't be easier!

So now we just need to see what RS Components come up with.  No news yet, but their deadline of Friday 9th is fast approaching.  They have a notice up on their site informing customers that the site will be undergoing maintenance this weekend - preparing for a Pi sale maybe?


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