Friday, 9 March 2012

End of week roundup

Following the hype of last week's launch, this week started off quite slow.  As everyone realised they weren't quite going to get their hands on a Pi just yet they settled back into dreaming up case ideas, working out exactly when they registered/bought and contemplating whether they'd snagged one of the (10,000) golden tickets.

Then things started picking up.  We received the Fedora release.  That kept everyone busy for a day or so.  We received the bad news about the incorrect RJ45 jacks.  But the units were back in China, soldering was underway.  With a stoic mutter, the community steeled themselves and looked forward from the slight bump in the road.

One of the ongoing topics of conversation was of course RS Components, and when they were going to start accepting orders.  Following a few articles there were quotes from RS PR stating that they'd received 200,000 registrations of interest.  And now the scale of this project starts to sink in.

Friday afternoon hit.  As quite a few people had noticed earlier in the week RS' website mentioned weekend maintenance, possibly to brace themselves for a Pi-sale.  Mid-afternoon posts starting appearing on the forum indicating that people had received an email from RS stating that they were one of the lucky few that has made it through the first assault and managed to 'reserve' one of the 5000-odd units available from RS. 

I sat there, waiting for my email from RS as I was quite certain that I'd managed to register at about 06:03.  However the emailed I received was a shattering blow.  Apparently "there had been a lot of interest in the Raspberry Pi", and orders would be dished out on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Nothing new in this, but decidedly less than the "congratulations - you're a winner!" email that some people received.

I suppose the plus side of all this is that now at least I don't need to spend the weekend wondering if I'm still in with a shot on the RS stock.

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