Saturday, 3 March 2012

Creating an SD Card

So - a bit of catching up to do.  Following a lot of input from everyone at the Raspberry Pi Forums (, I've come up with a step-by-step process for applying the latest Raspberry Pi Debian image to an SD card.

Pre-requisitesStep 1 - Download the Raspberry Pi Debian image –
Step 2 - Download Win32DiskImager -
Step 3 - Extract Win32DiskImager to a convenient location

Applying the image
Step 1 - Browse to c:\program files\Win32DiskImager (or relevant installation location).  Note the drive letter assigned to the SD Card (E: in the image below)

Step 2 - Double-click on the Win32DiskImager application (Win32DiskImager.exe)
Step 3 - Select the drive identified in Step 1 above in the Device list

Step 4 - Click the Open Folder button

Step 5 - Browse to the location you saved the image in (c:\temp in the image below), select it and click the Save button (incorrect button name)

Step 6 - OPTIONAL: To check the hash of the image, click the MD5 Hash checkbox.  The label will change to “MD5 Hash: Generating…” as shown below

Step 7 - One the hash has been generated it will be displayed as shown below:

NOTE: this is the MD5 Hash, not the SHA1 as provided by Raspberry Pi foundation

Step 8 - Click the Write button – you will be prompted with a warning (shown below) – click Yes:

Step 9 - The process will start, displaying a progress bar

Step 10 - Be patient – it might take a while

Step 11 - Keep waiting – the % value increasing means it’s working!