Friday, 6 April 2012


And we have good news!!  Fitting, seeing it's "Good Friday" right? (sorry Lynbarn, had to steal it :-))

We've just heard that the Raspberry Pi has passed EMC testing - this includes CE (EU) testing, FCC (USA) testing, CTick (Australia), and CSA (Canada).

This means that RS and Farnell can stop worrying and start producing.  While I don't have any official information on this, from what I've gathered on the forums these companies have already accumulated stockpiles of all components required to make the Pi and they're geared up, ready to go.

As for the 2000 Pi sitting in a warehouse somewhere, these will be shipped out shortly (as confirmed before, on a strictly first-come-first-server basis).  This is by no means official, by certain people from the Foundation (*cough*Liz*cough*) have said that being pessimistic, they should ship in 7-10 days.  And let's not forget the 8000 still in China - they're about a week away at my calculation.

While I'm sure the Foundation are far too professional to do this, I sure as hell won't be: To all those doubters out there - SUCK IT!!

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