Monday, 16 April 2012

Pi in a box!

Today's been a good day.  Today I received my Pi.  Oh, what a good day!

I unfortunately had to work today, but my Pi was delivered just before 4PM, so not too much play-time that I missed out on.

So, lets get on with the good stuff!

Here's my box:

An another box!

Almost there:

And there she is!!

Here are some closeups:

And an idea of scale:

Next - see it in action:


  1. Hi Tass.

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    Yesterday I receive an email of RSComponets, I put my order, and after that, I receive the confirmation.

    The estimated date of arrival es 12 week. =/ How long did you received your package?

    Thanks for all the information that you have in this blog.


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