Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Raspbian Wheezy

So after I few weeks (months?) off I decided to try get back on top of everything and what better way than to try out the latest image?  If you haven't been keeping up with things, you'll be pleased to know that Raspberry Pi now has it's own distribution (sort of) - Raspbian.  This is a version of the Debian distribution that has been compiled specifically for the Raspberry Pi.

It can be found here on the Raspberry Pi downloads page:

As always, you can write this using the standard DD process (see here for instructions).

Right - now let's boot it up and see what it's like!  I'm using VNC to connect remotely as my TV is occupied (by Game of Thrones, so I'll let it pass).  You can find out how to set this up here, or just use your TV or HDMI-enabled monitor.

So - I've written my card now and here's what I have:

You'll notice that there's no ssh file here, but I tried booting it up and found that SSH was enabled, so no issue there (I need it to connect over SSH, download VNC and remote in).

And that's it - I'm booted up.  Nothing looks too different:

although I did notice that performance seemed quite good.  Issues I saw in earlier versions (massive CPU usage from Midori, etc.) were gone.

And I'm back baby!!!


  1. I can install that SO, but the command dd did not mounted swap partition... You know why this happened?

    1. Hi Lucas

      From what I understand, Rasbian doesn't use a swap partition - it uses a swap file. There's a lot of debate about a swap file vs a swap partition, but I don't think there's much benefit one way or another. I think you'll find that it'll come standard with a 99MB swap file, but as this is on the SD card, and SDs will have a limited write life, they try keep swapping to a minimum.

      Take a look at this post - it'll provide you with some more information:

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