Tuesday, 29 May 2012

And out the other side!

So - after having my in-laws stay with us for close on 3 weeks, I finally get to play with my Pi again!  Thanks for all your comments over the last few weeks - I have been reading them, but haven't had much free time.

For those of you not too focused on the Raspberry Pi site, there have been a few interesting developments.  First off - how would you like to see the Raspberry Pi voted in as Innovation of the year?  Vote now!

And here's another one - Google are quite interested in the work the Foundation is doing - so much so that they're investing in a bunch of boards, training a bunch of new teachers & sending them into schools - read more here!

So - what next for my Pi?  I think I'll be tackling getting it properly hooked up to my network - either by getting a cheapie wireless USB dongle working, or finding a way to get it working through a 2nd wireless router.  I'm thinking of using a spare Netgear router as an access point, routing onto my Linksys router upstairs.  I've been digging around and found sites detailing how I can update the firmware to work in client mode.  Not 100% working, but once I crack it I'll post it.


  1. Have your tried out XBMC yet?
    I got it to boot, but it has problems with exteral hdd's...I haven't tried flash drives yet....

  2. Hey BOBdotEXE. I've tried OpenElec - works well, if maybe slightly slower than one might expect. It seems usable to me, but some people have said it's not quite up to scratch. I haven't noticed any specific issues - seems pretty responsive over all, but then I don't have anything to conmpare it to.

    I plugged in a 32GB microSD card via a USB convertor and it picked it up on the fly, played m4v files fine. I haven't got it hooked up to my media server yet, but that's my plan in the long run.

    There's a lot of work going into getting a stable release, with a lot of people downloading & compiling the source themselves, but there's a post of the Raspberry Pi forums where someone posts a link to a full image every few days to make it easier. I'll stick up a post on it soon.